Third meeting of the Allotment Association

We had our third meeting of the allotment association this evening in the village hall kitchen, after members of the allotment association broke away from the Parish Council Meeting, after the Chairperson updated the Parish Council on our progress to date.

The Chairperson had produced the following Agenda for tonights meeting

Gravel Pit Allotment Association

AGENDA 26 May 2009

  1. Advertising/publicity – why, where, what are we trying to achieve. Offers of help, what to do with interested parties. Article for Pock. Post. Other locations.
  2. Format of meetings.
  3. Plans – Surveyor. Next steps.
  4. Furry friends! (rabbits)
  5. Constitution & Rules – examples to consider at a future date.
  6. Any other items.
  7. Date & time of next meeting.

I gave an update on the progress of the website. The allotment plans and schedule of works were discussed and we were all handed copies of example Constitution & Rules by the Chairperson to examine.

I think this was homework!

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