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(a copy of the Allotment Update which will be posted on the village notice-boards in the parish of Yapham cum Meltonby and forthcoming newsletter)

Brief details of our progress so far:


·         Following the initial meeting of interested parishioners on 20 April 2009, Gravel Pit Allotments Association was formed and a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer were elected.

·         A website has been created which will also detail our progress :

 All visitors to the site welcome !

·         A formal request for the provision of allotments has been made to the Parish Council.

·         The proposed site for the allotments (land known as Gravel Pit Field) has been administered by the Parish Council for many years, but definitive ownership is currently being determined in order that a long term undertaking as allotments can be considered.

The current tender runs until April 2010.  We envisage clarification on ownership before then.

·         A survey of the site has been made and plans drawn up, showing space for 19 plots measuring 21m x 5m. Some of these may be available as half plots and there is also for provision for disabled access on a couple of plots.

The plans also give an indication of resources required, which will inform our intended funding bids.

·         Membership of the National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardens Ltd (NSALG) has been applied for, giving access to various advice, insurance, discounts etc.

·         Preference for any available plots will be given to Yapham cum Meltonby parishioners, however any excess will be offered to people outside the parish.

 If you wish to register your interest in a plot, request further details or offer assistance, please contact :

 Or if you prefer, use the ‘contact us’ section on the website

 Kind Regards

The Committee and members of Gravel Pit Allotments Association

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