July 2010

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The field was sprayed with glyphosate (Round Up) in June to kill weeds before work starts in July.  Glyphosate dissipates when it hits the soil and is safe for allotments and food crops so is in keeping with our environmental policy. Soil will be scooped from the banks and rear of the field to utilise as much of our own top soil as possible to reduce the need for haulage, which is expensive, environmentally unfriendly and disruptive to the local community.

We have been loaned a “big digger” to complete this operation and these our the results.

Some villagers from Yapham & Meltonby have suggested it’s big mole hills, but I liken it to an “Art Installation”!

(I’ve been waiting for the “big digger” to leave before posting this article live!).

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