Polytunnel Erected! We did it! A Big Thank you!

The GPAA Team!

The GPAA Team!

A Big Thanks to the following, who gave up their time on 1 December 2012 :-

  • Suzanne (Chairperson)
  • Stephen (Treasurer)
  • Anna
  • Carl
  • Kate
  • Chris
  • Stephen
  • Elaine

I think I can say, a good time was had by all!

We started completing the assembly of the frame at approx 9.00am, and then started to dig the trenches, (helped by Mr Mantis!) and dig the holes for the polytunnel legs, once the polytunnel frame was moved into position, anti hot spot tape was applied to the metal hoops to protect the polythenne cover, the polythenne cover was unwrapped, and pulled over the frame, and then buried in the trenches. We still need to complete the doors at either end, but the majority of work has been completed.

It was completed by approximately 13:00.

Here is a gallery of photos, I took….


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