We are a small group of residents in the parish of Yapham cum Meltonby in the East Riding of Yorkshire with a communal desire to grow our own produce and by developing an allotment site to bring some vibrancy to our local community.

Following approaches to the Parish Council, a possible site has been found which should be available to us from April of next year. The Gravel Pit field as it is commonly known, has been, and is currently let out by means of annual tender as grazing land.

At the initial meeting of our group on 20 April 2009, we decided to form an allotment association and agreed upon a chairperson, secretary and treasurer.
Although it is disappointing not to be able to get digging this year, we will use the time to plan and seek any available funding.

There is much enthusiasm for the project and plenty of good ideas have been put forward already.

We are also very fortunate in the mix of skills and talents members bring to our association, not least the ability to bring this message to you via our website !
We are all excited by the challenges ahead and it’s great that we can show you our progress over the coming months.

If you are resident in the parish and you are interested in an allotment or would like to join us, we’d love to hear from you. If you would like to ask a question or offer advice (gladly received),  please use the ‘contact us’ tab on the front page and one of the committee will reply.

Thank you for visiting us, come back soon and follow our progress or subscribe to our mailing list below for updates.


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