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The following article was prepared for the Parish Magazine and will probably be the first of many media reports, so keep checking back as things will start to move quickly now.

“We are delighted to announce that a grant of almost ¬£24,000 has been secured¬† from the Big Lottery Fund’s Local Food scheme and we can now begin to action the plans for community allotments in the village.

Over the next few weeks work will begin to level the field, install fencing, pathways and parking areas and mark out plots. The ambitious amongst us hope to have at least some produce planted this season ! Setting out the site is the first and main part of our plans, though by subsequently providing help and training along with social activities, the hope is to create a worthwhile and lasting facility for the benefit of the whole community.

There will be 20 plots ( one of which is allocated for schools/group use ) with residents of Yapham cum Meltonby being given priority.

Several plots have been reserved already though there is still some availability, so if you are interested in the project or would like a plot, have a look at the website and get in touch using the ‘contact us‘ facility there:

It has been a long and sometimes fraught journey to date but we are extremely grateful to the Local Food scheme for the funding and support and also the Parish Council for allowing us to rent the land. However, my greatest thanks must go to the members of Gravel Pit Allotments Association for all their hard work and tenacity in getting this far !




Suzanne Allan
Gravel Pit Allotments Association”


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