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The Parish Council has a new website. Please show your support and visit it at the following link


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Before ground works start on the 6 April 2010 (thinking positive!), I thought it was about time to publish some current photographs of how Gravel Pit Field looks after the snow has melted, leaving a water logged pond!


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Gravel Pit Association presented a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to the Yapham cum Meltonby Parish Council this evening.

The Chairman of Yapham cum Meltonby Parish Council, John Ackerley stated “in principal the Parish Council are in favour of turning Gravel Pit Field into Allotments”.

The Parish Council would like to see the plans for the Allotments, need to review the tenancy agreements, and Agreement between Association an Yapham cum Meltonby Parish Council, and understand what the Association will be delivering year by year.

We will return to the next Parish Council meeting on the 23rd February 2010, for the outcome.

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